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Medical staff development

It is imperative to have a long range medical staff development plan. Health systems continue to face physician shortages through an aging physician workforce and recruitment challenges.

Hospitals and health systems are also required to have a Medical Staff Development Plan in place for the support of charitable purpose (e.g., maintain tax exempt status). The Form 990 requires hospitals and health systems to address community need and the hospital/health system’s role in meeting community “gaps.” Adept Health works with healthcare organizations to mitigate the risk of a physician shortage with medical staff planning that establishes priorities for recruitment efforts, while meeting the IRS requirements.

 Strategic process

Strategic Process

Through our proprietary assessment tool, we perform the following:

  • Conduct physician community need study by analyzing existing supply data and demand forecasts utilizing rigorous quantitative and demographic data
  • Assess future physician retirement timelines
  • Community based physician interviews to determine areas of need or over supply in the market
  • Executive level interviews to determine physician needs not reflected in the quantitative data or physician interviews
  • Develop strategic medical staff development plan with recruitment timelines and identification of key alignment strategies (i.e. support of recruitment by independent specialty group)
  • Focused recruitment prioritization based on supporting data and hospital strategy
 Planning & implementation


  • Developing your medical staff development plan
  • Setting realistic recruitment goals and priorities
  • Setting quality goals for recruitment


  • Anticipating and addressing physician resistance
  • Addressing recruitment and retention strategies
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