Medical Group Solutions & Ambulatory Strategy

Navigating leaders through the complexities of healthcare is our business

We’re adept at helping medical groups of all sizes help create value for healthcare systems and physicians in an increasingly competitive environment. As a provider-based partner, we’re dedicated exclusively to finding better strategies and answers that bring meaningful value that helps leaders of employed or independent medical groups.
  • Create intelligent growth strategies for developed and emerging markets
  • Develop roadmaps that better align outpatient services with system’s goals
  • Provide operational and financial analysis and improvement strategies
  • Physician affiliation assessments
  • Evaluate the financial and cultural fit of a physician practice affiliations
  • Data-driven physician needs assessments
  • Streamlined quantitative and qualitative assessments of the system’s market area
  • Analyze complex local markets and identify critical success factors that help systems gain market leadership.
  • Optimize and integrate service lines to facilitate financially sustainable offerings that meet the needs of the community
  • Post-acute care strategy and development
  • Establish recruiting strategies that align with system goals
  • Create a roadmap and plan of the required steps of effective practice affiliation processes
  • Talent optimization
  • Medical group structure design
  • Organizational culture shift management
  • Medical group interim management and executive coaching
  • Help organizations evaluate the opportunities and risks of their current compensation plan
  • Development of compensation plans that align with system goals and national trends
  • Create strategic communications plans for medical group leaders and systems