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Shared services

Managing hospital operations gets increasingly complex each year. Today's healthcare environment requires leaders to focus on increasing quality, decreasing costs and improving the patient experience.

Partnering with Adept Health helps hospitals thrive in today's challenging economic environment while maintaining their independence and local control. Our approach to partnership is unique: We work with you to design a solution based on your individual opportunities.

Our service offerings are designed to provide operational efficiencies, access to Adept Health resources and collaboration on industry practices. Our areas of expertise include supply chain, biomedical clinical engineering, revenue cycle enhancement, strategic planning, and countless other corporate and clinical areas.

Challenges differ from community and we will collaborate to find the right set of solutions for your hospital.

Individualized agreement breakdown

  • Corporate resources
  • Infrastructure and efficiencies
  • Supply chain
  • Best practice collaboration
  • Bundled payments
  • Labor management