Partnership Models

Partnering With A Peer To Ensure Best-In-Class Healthcare

Managing your healthcare operations gets harder to do every year. Whether you are a large health system or a community hospital, today's healthcare environment requires you to continually search for ways to improve the quality of care for your patients while reducing costs. You don't have to go it alone.

Partnering with Adept Health can help hospitals navigate today's challenging economic environment while allowing them to keep their independence. No two partnerships are the same, as each one addresses the organization's individual needs.

Consulting Services

Our team brings years of healthcare expertise from clinicians, consultants and C-Suite executives. We are able to provide a customized solution to each unique challenge. Leveraging past experience and current healthcare knowledge, our experts will collaborate with your leaders from scoping a project through implementation. Our team has experience implementing clinical and business initiatives that we stand behind while connecting you with front-line leaders.

Collaborate with peers who face the same obstacles in their daily work to maximize efficiencies and reduce cost within your operations.

Whether you are launching a new program or refining an existing council, our team of consultants will provide a tailor-made plan to maximize efficiencies and reduce cost from assessment through implementation.

Management Services

The healthcare landscape is becoming more challenging as health systems are faced with trying to improve the quality of care while increasing affordability. Finding the right management partner can help hospitals not only survive, but thrive in today's tough economic environment.

Our leadership team has over 30 years of hospital/health system experience. A management partnership provides day-to-day operational expertise while your board maintains local governance and control. Your CEO and management team will benefit from having a direct link to our advisory services and our other managed hospitals. This ensures the sharing of resources and best practices.

As a national leader for innovation, transformation and quality, our experienced team will create best in class services and implement solutions to keep you on the forefront of industry change.

Shared Services

Managing hospital operations gets increasingly complex each year. Today's healthcare environment requires leaders to focus on increasing quality, decreasing costs and improving the patient experience.

Partnering with Adept Health helps hospitals thrive in today's challenging economic environment while maintaining their independence and local control. Our approach to partnership is unique: We work with you to design a solution based on your individual opportunities.

Our service offerings are designed to provide operational efficiencies, access to Adept Health resources and collaboration on industry practices. Our areas of expertise include supply chain, biomedical clinical engineering, revenue cycle enhancement, strategic planning, and countless other corporate and clinical areas.